The MLTF Notes are documents that are prepared within its redaction process and published by the MLTF or are proposed as an IETF Draft.

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Les Notes MLTF sont des documents rédigés sous couvert du MLTF et diffusés par le MLTF ou proposés sous forme de Draft IETF.

Projets en cours :

Language e-empowerment path
This memo introduces the Multilingual Internet framework by way of the steps that lead a language from a few local speakers to an active multitechnology online presence. The list of these steps can also be considered as a list of the achievements of any language, in order to describe its degree of e-empowerment.
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This memo documents the multilingual and multiscript country code tags that are derived from ISO 3166-1:2006, and their extension from other tables and standards, which can be used in applications, protocols, BCP 47 langtags, databases, etc. in order to index, reference, or sort country oriented information that is expressed in any mode and language. The letter to ISO 3166/MA introduces the unitag concept. A proposal for a coopetitive practical interoperablity has been made.
Draft - ISO Meeting - letter to ISO 3166/MA - coopetition proposal - aviation language study case - TC46 NWIP
The idea of a concertation R&D meeting on "semantic addressing" in Sep/Oct 2007 is floated. The initial meeting has resulted in a Draft currently under preparation.
Preparatory note - 070809 meeting
Fench as an internet technology (FIT)
Semiotic (enonciation, semantic, pragmatic) languaging capacities are supported my multilingualisation underlayed by a plural linguistic approach, not only be an internationalisation of English. This plurality starts with the English/French couple where each laguage bings its own genious. English was a major contributor to the digital ecosystem, French is the other languages rep in the technology and could be its semantic strata equivalent in the Multilingual International Network.
Memorandum preparatory note - mailing list



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